Pizza boxes

Elevate your pizza delivery experience with these creative pizza box designs. Discover unique ideas to make your pizza box stand out and keep your pizza hot and fresh.
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Do you love pineapple on a pizza or despise it? Is deep-dish pizza truly a pizza or not? And where exactly can you find the best pizza in the world? These are the age-old questions we discuss and argue over, never really seeming to find an answer. But one thing there’s no debate over: pizza is one of the most popular and beloved dishes worldwide, and that’s just a fact...

Ray Filerio
"Write A Joke On The Inside Of The Pizza Box" Pizzas, Friendship, Surprise, Love Food, Order Pizza, Pizza Delivery Guy, Pizza Delivery, Food Cart, Creative Pizza

Creative pizza places not only have the tastiest menus, they know how to put a smile on your face even before you take your first bite. Say you fill the "special instructions" box on your ordering app with a request for a joke in the box. Do you really think they will miss the opportunity to display their sass? Bored Panda has compiled a funny list, showing the times people got more than they bargained for when asking for a special "topping" on their pizza, and it'll surely make you smile…

Nicole Banda