Plywood thickness

Learn everything you need to know about plywood thickness and make informed decisions for your woodworking projects. Find the perfect plywood thickness for your next project with our expert tips and recommendations.
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There has been some form of fake wood for a long time now. For the sake of simplicity, let us suppose that the term fake wood is any wood-like material that has been manufactured rather than cut straight from the tree. When I was very young I thought there was wood and there was fake wood. I didn’t know anything about how or why plywood existed but I knew there was a difference between it and real wood and I simply thought all fake wood was called “plywood.” Then my brother explained to…

Barbara Poole
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Heading to the store, buying some wood, and knocking out an awesome DIY project in a weekend sounds great. And many blogs make it seem that simple. In truth, buying the right lumber for any project requires knowledge and precision. This guide gives you everything you need to nail it.

Jody Thibodeaux