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Explore the extraordinary life and lasting impact of Pope Pius XII. Discover his significant contributions to the Catholic Church and his pivotal role in shaping the history of the Vatican.
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Hello, all. I must thank you all for your patience during the long lag since my last post, but they were months well spent on my move to Chicago, settling into a rich new community, plus a lot of work on my Norse mythology album project which is now, at last, nearly complete. In addition, my essay-writing time usually directed toward ExUrbe went, over the last few months, toward a new essay now live on Tor.com, which is very like my earlier double review of the Borgia TV series, but takes as…

Carlos Daniel
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Cardinal Burke promises formal correction coming of Pope Francis by cardinals... A portion of a talk by Cardinal Burke being given this evening (as I post this) in the Washington, DC area where he promises formal correction is coming of Pope Francis by cardinals, if he continues to refuse to answer the dubia.

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