Pork neck bones recipe mexican

Discover a mouthwatering Mexican recipe for pork neck bones. Learn how to cook tender and flavorful pork neck bones with authentic Mexican flavors. Try it now and savor the taste of Mexico!
Espinazo de Puerco en Chile Colorado (Pork Neck Bones in Red Chile) Colorado, Mexican Food Recipes, Cuban Spanish, Chile, Mexican Cooking, Salsa Roja, Mexican Food Recipes Authentic, Mexican Soup, Cuban

"Espinazo en Chile Colorado" is a soup composed of pork neck bones swimming in a rich reddish stock who's color comes from flavorful dried Guajillo or California chilies, thickened with corn masa dough. It is served hot topped with minced onion, cilantro, limes, a side of warm corn tortillas and your choice of hot sauce or red salsa. If you think this dish is going to be fiery hot and spicy fear not. The soup is actually extremely mild if you use "Guajillo" chilies, and completely absent of…

Alejandra Hernandez
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This Southern-style neck bones recipe features tender, fall-off-the-bone pork necks covered in a light gravy. Each bite is packed with flavor thanks to the sage-infused spice rub.

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This baked pork neck bones are so melt in your mouth tender and delicious with any side and at any time of the day. BBQ sauce adds sweetness and flavor. An ultimate comfort dish for any occasion!

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