Pork on a stick

Indulge in mouthwatering pork on a stick recipes that will satisfy your cravings. Discover flavorful ideas to grill or roast your favorite cuts of pork for a delightful snack or meal.
Filipino style pork skewers...i remember, as a kid, the neighbors coming by and asking what that delicious smell was coming from the backyard. it wasn't your typical "cooking out on the grill" smell. Guacamole, Street Food, Bbq Recipes, Filipino Street Food, Bbq Pork, Bbq, Food - Pork, Barbecue Pork, Barbecue

This week, we taste the native cuisine of one of my favorite bloggers, Trissa Lopez !! My enjoyment of Filipino cuisine has been enhanced over the last couple of years through my participation in Kulinarya Cooking Club . The fusion of Spanish and Chinese cuisine is ever intriguing an

Eileen Ecalnea
Grilled Pork BBQ On A Stick.  We called it "rat" growing up when we would go to the Chinese buffet, but it was my favorite. This is DELICIOUS. Foods, Food - Pork, Gourmet, Bbq Recipes, Foodie, Food, Kabobs, Bbq, Good Food

When I found out this month's theme is Pinoy BBQ, I immediately thought of cooking Pork BBQ on a stick - a childhood favorite! Usually considered street food, vendors hawk these (and other cuts of meats on a stick) out on the street corners cooked from their makeshift grills. They are also a very popular party food. When you serve them, they are usually the first thing that gets eaten right away; people look out for and hoard these right off the grill (at least in my family)! I learned to…

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