Prairie homestead

Create a cozy and rustic prairie homestead with these top ideas. Transform your space into a charming retreat that reflects the simplicity and beauty of prairie living.
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I was a bored, pregnant newlywed 40 miles from civilization with not enough money to drive to activities in town. That’s how it all started. Not the most epic beginning to this story, I know… Basically, the garden and kitchen projects gave me a way to pass the time without feeling like a total loser. […]

Trish Ayres
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Yup. That’d be me. I found myself deep in thought last week as I was walked back to the house from doing barn chores. I had just assessed our garden, barn, and chicken coop, and was struck with a rather profound thought, which went something along the lines of, “I really suck at this.” Ya’ll. If there […]

The Prairie Homestead
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Barren… That was the first word that crossed my mind when I set out to work on my new kitchen garden this year. It’s right under my laundry room window, and is the perfect spot, considering it gets plenty of southern sunlight and is right next to our new porch. However, the soil leaves a […]

Marie Yentzer