Prayer flags

Enhance the atmosphere of your home with colorful and meaningful prayer flags. Discover the best ideas to bring peace and serenity into your living space.
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Prayer flags have been around for thousands of years, but today’s fiber artists are putting their own spin on the ancient tradition. A growing number of artists are using these small but meaningful flags as an outlet for expressing their hopes, dreams, and concerns—and the design possibilities are endless. You can use shibori techniques, sun printing,…

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Tibetan prayer flags atop mountains and flying high above cities are some of the most mesmerizing, beautiful sights we’ve encountered throughout our trips to Nepal. The colored flags flutter in the wind, always moving like confetti dotting the sky. And although their beauty is hard to ignore, they mean much more to the people of Nepal than simple decor. The prayer flags are an important part of their culture. The colors, the words they bear, and their location all symbolize more than just…

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