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Addison & Jake. I'm heartbroken that private practice is over! :( LOVED that show! Benjamin Pratt and Kate Walsh <3 Sarah Ramos, Amy Brenneman, Benjamin Bratt, Addison Montgomery, Tv Show Couples, Shonda Rhimes, Kate Walsh, Happy Ending, Tv Couples

Private Practice Series Finale: Did Addison Get Her Happy Ending?

[Warning: This story contains major spoilers from the series finale of Private Practice. Read at your own risk!] When Addison (Kate Walsh) showed up at Seattle Grace in the Season 1 finale of Grey's Anatomy, we hated her. She was the salmon-scrub wearing wife of Derek, and darn it, we wanted McDreamy and Mer to get their happy ending. But by the time executive producer Shonda Rhimes sent Addison packing for the Private Practice spin-off, we truly loved her. We hoped she'd find a way to have…

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Private Practice Reunion! Kate Walsh, Taye Diggs and More Stars Come Together in Spain for Special Wedding

Now this is how we like to start a brand-new year!2015 had its fair share of star-studded and unexpected cast reunions. After all, how can anyone forget the Full House and Lizzie McGuire casts together again? Lucky for us, it didn't take long for a group of castmembers to come together in 2016 and help us feel oh-so-nostalgic for the past. May we reintroduce the cast of Private Practice together again! "Look, I've just spent the last week @ my pals wedding in Spain, surrounded by real, deep…