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Explore top PTA school programs that will prepare you for a successful career in physical therapy. Find the perfect program to start your journey towards helping others and making a difference.
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From a PTA membership form to the monthly PTO newsletter – there are plenty of ways your school can get more organized and efficient in recruiting volunteers, retaining members and raising funds for your parent-teacher organizations. The proper range of forms for PTO and PTA groups is essential for a harmonious working environment – and a school where the whole community participates. Making these forms available to everyone is...

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If you are reading this, you are probably either a school PTO leader, principal or room mom trying to figure out how to get more parents involved! Know this, you are not alone! Schools across the country struggle to get the participation that they want and need everyday! I've been there too. Here's the scenario... My son attended a middle school with approximately 700 kids that was in need of a PTO leader. Sure, why not! I love education, kids and planning so how bad could it be? Right?!?…

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Here are 20 theme ideas to make your PTO / PTA fundraising event a success! Hosting a themed fundraiser for your PTO / PTA is a much better way to boost your donations than simply asking for cash. If you want to put on a memorable event for people that also benefits your school, we’ve compiled a list of 20 unique event ideas, from weekend nights out to food-focused parties. Let this year see your biggest fundraising success ever! Fuel Your Inner Competitor Competition brings out the best in…

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Behind every successful school organization, are its amazing members. Members and volunteers are the lifeblood parent organizations and associations. They help to fulfill your mission, provide helping hands, offer financial support and make the organization run smoothly! Because of this, increasing membership should be the top goal for any School PTO or PTA group. Holding an annual membership and/or sponsorship drive is a great way to accomplish these goals. Below we have outlined some…

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