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The photo shows what happens when a train with multiple engines has the brakes applied, but an engine does not get a signal to shut down. Actually, the whole train brakes. Every wagon has brakes, not just the locomotives. What is interesting is that somehow the signal bypassed the dummy locomotives (only the first one usually has people operating it, the rest are controlled by remote from that first engine) and got to the wagons, or the dummies were at the rear of the train and the signal…

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Photos courtesy of Rob Leachman. March 24, 1971 Rob says: "The light was pretty diffuse as the Box Motors brought the Dead Freight East across the Beverly Bridge. But hey, I’ll take it! Most of the visible portion of the train was grain empties, a mix of box cars equipped with grain doors and covered hoppers." "I then got this nifty broadside view of the Box Motors coming off the bridge. Pans on the second and fourth units were up; there was no pan at all on the third unit! Note the open…