Recessed light placement

Learn the best practices for recessed light placement to ensure a well-lit and visually appealing space. Discover top ideas to create the perfect lighting design for your home or office.
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Recessed Lights Can Ruin Your Lighting Layout, and Here's Why...

Recessed lights are used in most remodeling and new construction these days and the options are endless. When you get your lighting layout correct, the budget busting recessed can lights are just a part of the overall plan and I'll show you how!

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How To Choose The Right Recessed Lighting

Lighting can set the entire mood for your home and add warmness and charm. Recessed lights, sometimes referred to as housings, downlights, pot lights, or cans are a popular option because they can add a clean and finished look to any space. Deciding on the right recessed lighting is an important decision. Because of this, […]

Jennifer Powell
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How to place new recessed lights in kitchen remodel

We are in the process of remodeling our kitchen and putting in recessed lights. Our contractor has planned lights in the following places labeled with green circles. The two red circles will be pendant lights. Ideally, I would want the recessed lights to independently be able to illuminate the kitch...

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How Far Apart Should Recessed Lighting Be?

Recessed lighting is an excellent alternative to traditional light fixtures. While ordinary fixtures can sometimes add style to your room, they can also be disruptive and unnecessary. Recessed lights simply need to be spaced correctly in order to provide an even amount of light. This is because they are hidden away in the ceiling. But […]

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