Red smoothie

Boost your health with these refreshing and nutritious red smoothie recipes. Discover the benefits of incorporating red fruits and vegetables into your diet and try these tasty smoothies today!
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Many thanks to Kamalaya, THE BEST WELLNESS SPA IN THE WORLD for providing the ultimate prize - health spa experience of a lifetime. This recipe was submitted by Anthea from Sydney as an entry for our Kamalaya retreat competition. It is based on my Red Velvet Cupcake recipe which she adores. The combination of beetroot, raspberries and vanilla is just divine, and our Naked Chocolat can be added for a delicious magnesium boost.

Janice Wills
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This nutrient-dense Red Velvet Beet Smoothie recipe is a delicious, chocolatey, hidden veggie smoothie that packs in all the good stuff but still tastes like dessert! Full of protein, fiber, healthy fats, tons of vitamins and minerals, and a beautiful, vibrant red color!

Ana Luiza