Redhead facts

Discover interesting and surprising facts about redheads, from their unique genetic traits to their fiery personalities. Explore the world of redheads and embrace the ginger spirit.
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There are a million-and-one “redhead facts” floating around on the web and on social media. Many of them are based on myths, rumors, or stereotypes and can’t be proven or only applied to some redheads. For example, it has been said redheads create their own Vitamin D. While this is true, redheads should still check with their doctor on their personal levels of Vitamin D. Many redheads report they're still low on Vitamin D even though their bodies supposedly produce more. Being born with red…

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Obviously, being a redhead is unique and awesome. I recently did research on natural redheads and found some facts to be astonishing. Who knew people with red hair actually have less hair or generate their own Vitamin D? More to come below, but it's very fascinating stuff. My advice is to never look at any of these 'redhead facts' as negative, we are unique, one-of-a-kind women! Here are 13 astounding realities about red hair you probably never knew about: 1. Redheads have a higher risk of…


When I was a teenager, I wanted to be everything but a redhead. There was constant teasing, extra sensitive skin and sunburns throughout the year. However, over the years I have learned to embrace my redhead-ness and realized there are many unique things behind this rare color. To all my fellow redheads, here are 7 facts that will prove just how unique you are! READ: 5 Reasons I’m Thankful to be a Redhead 1. We are unique We are rare. We are different. We are unique. Only less than 2 percent…

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Humanity has long had a fear and fixation for those who are different. Since natural redheads are very rare, only 2% of the population, we face many stigmas throughout history. For centuries, many different cultures have had mixed opinions when it comes to red hair. While not many understand why redheads are so rare, they have been associated with magic and the supernatural. However, how much of it is actually true? Find out more about the world’s rarest hair color with these redhead facts…

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