Reign hairstyles

Get inspired by the glamorous hairstyles worn by the characters in the TV show Reign. Discover top hairstyle ideas to achieve a regal and elegant look fit for a queen.
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We're all basically fallen women - an unwed mother, a divorcee, eventually, and now a madam. So I say to hell with what people think.Kenna to Greer and Lola in Abandoned Kenna de Poitiers is a main character for the first and second season of Reign. She is portrayed by Caitlin Stasey. Kenna is a lady-in-waiting to Mary Stuart, the queen of Scotland. She aims high from the start, earning the revered spot as the king of France's mistress. While she enjoys the gifts and privilege that comes…

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Don't they all look gorgeous?! Reign is such a wonderful show! I love the characters, the drama, the intrigue and the fashion! With the second season resuming, this coming thursday the 22nd, I couldn’t resist writing a post on my favorite show. I mean, have you seen the incredibly beautiful hairstyles they wear?! If you need to catch up on the show or view the lovely hairstyles for yourself, you can watch it on Netflix or The CW. Now here are the steps to achieving Reign inspired hair…

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