Residential building entrance

Enhance the curb appeal of your residential building with impressive entrance ideas. Explore top designs and create a welcoming atmosphere for residents and visitors alike.
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The residential building was based on an implementation solution that generates quality views of the city; uses a lot of concrete and glass, and your designs dialog with the premise of respecting the outside context.Designed by Cité Arquitetura Photographed by Pedro VannucchiThe Borges 3647 Building, an architectural project developed by Cité Arquitetura, adopted as premises the valorization of the views of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) - from some points it´s possible to see ‘Christ the Redeemer’…

Dae-Hong Minn

Hartwood – Hartwood is a set of five generous apartments, designed to match the coveted location in verdant Kew. The building fronts the street with the feeling of a singular residence, a sleek gable roofed, brick façade and a recessive black shadowed linear terrace structure beside it.

Rach Wan