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Embark on an unforgettable riding holiday and explore breathtaking landscapes on horseback. Discover top destinations and create lasting memories with our curated riding holiday ideas.
Horse riding holiday in Tuscany, Italy

We have all seen the pictures on Instagram and Pinterest of the beautiful views in Tuscany, with the sun setting in the background, looking out over hundreds of rolling hills, full of lush forests. I can honestly tell you that in real life, it’s even better! Horseback riding in Tuscany is absolutely magical and the amazing hotel we stayed in made the experience unforgettable. In this blog post I will tell you all about the horses, the horse rides we did, our accommodation, what else to do in…

Femme Ferjani
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A lot of people that join our horsey meet-ups all over the world, tell me the same thing; how hard it’s been to find like minded horse riding friends. When we were all kids, riding horses at a riding school, it was easy to make friends. We might have even gone to pony camps where you immediately became besties with the other 9 year old that loves ponies. Now, it’s a bit more difficult, and a lot of those old friends don’t even ride horses anymore, or those friendships are long gone. It’s…


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