Rock crystal

Enhance your space with the elegance and timeless beauty of rock crystal. Discover top ideas to incorporate this stunning material into your decor for a touch of luxury and sophistication.
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The influence of color on the human mind has proven to affect our emotions, mood, and well-being profoundly. Therefore, when choosing a crystal, consider the color, as it is one of the most potent aspects of its healing power. Here we explore the energy and meanings of crystal colors.

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Every rockhound loves a good geode, and the best are those we’ve gathered ourselves. While it can be tempting to start busting every rock you find with a rock pick, you can usually tell before you attack. Geodes are a specific formation and can usually be identified by their round shape and bumpy texture. These reliable indicators don’t tell the whole story, however. So, let’s go a bit further and give you an overview of how to tell if a rock is a geode.

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