Root chakra healing

Discover effective techniques to heal and balance your root chakra. Unlock a sense of stability, security, and groundedness in your life with these transformative practices.
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UPDATED: NOV 30 2023 Digging up knowledge about the root chakra can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of blogs, thousands of pins on Pinterest, and don't get me started about Instagram. A lot of them talk about "the mystical symbolism" behind the chakra like the best essential oils or which crystals and/or stones to use, the right foods to eat, what are the correct affirmations to say, or what yoga poses to do. While only some talk about what an unbalanced vs balanced root chakra looks and…

Desiree Green
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I think you'll agree with me when I say, that food has the center stage in the life of all living beings on our planet. You are probably aware that, your food choices have a big impact on the quality of your physical and spiritual health. In fact, food directly influences your physical and astral (linga sharira) body.