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1994 Land Rover Discovery 1 300TDI – Stray Dog Classics Trucks, New Engine, Range Rover, Rear Differential, Roof Cap, Rover Discovery, Land Rover, Stitching Leather, Land Rover Series

This exclusive 1994 Land Rover Discovery 1 is one of the most desirable as it is the first year it was fitted with the bulletproof 300TDI and soft dash, but it is also Stray Dog's first ever refurbished Disco. The 300TDI was used in Defenders and Range Rovers of the time as well. This truck has been completely refurbis

Gili Shvarzman
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Land Rover Discovery receives full machine polish, Swissvax products applied to protect the paintwork, glass, tyres and alloys. Remove swirl marks and light scratches from your vehicle wrap with our specialist polish and was services.

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