Samurai poses

Unleash your inner warrior with these powerful samurai poses. Discover the top poses that will help you embody the strength and grace of a samurai.
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Duncan Kane is not your run of the mill high school teenager as by night he is the dreadful dark vigilante Ronin. Having been abused by his parents from the age of three till he was ten, out of hatred for his abusers and the carnal instinct to survive he reaped vengeance upon them. Years later he still struggles to free himself of the shackles of the past, but still he pushes onward.

Jun-Fung Ng
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Jin Ronin outfit from Ghost of Tsushima I was responsible for high res sculpt and Marvelous Designer work of full outfit. I also did texture and material work for these three. Concept by Katana by Render room provided by Omar Aweidah

Grant Yi