Sarah walker

Explore the captivating journey of Sarah Walker and discover the inspiring story behind her success. Join us as we delve into the achievements and experiences that shaped her into the remarkable individual she is today.
Yvonne Strahovski as Agent Sarah Walker in Chuck. Zachary Levi, Films, Sarah Walker, Sarah Lancaster, Yvonne Strahovski, Miranda Lawson, Chuck Bartowski, Actors, Chuck Sarah

It would be easy for a person who excels at mediocrity (like I do) to get a real complex hanging around at Collective HQ, while Abiagil!, Kat! and Jennie! make a habit of waking up awesome every day of their lives. They are best at a lot of different things, but this week we get to talk about my best thing: crushes. We're supposed to write about our most recent crushes this week, which, for me, is kind of the same as writing about my first crush -- there are too many for me to remember their…

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