Saturday night fever

Relive the disco era and get your groove on with Saturday Night Fever. Discover the best dance moves, fashion trends, and iconic music from this timeless classic.
View from the Birdhouse: Throwback Thursday - The Hustle Karen Lynn Gorney, Gena Rowlands, Disco Fashion, Saturday Night Fever, Disco Fever, Faye Dunaway, Disco Era, Night Fever, Alec Baldwin

If you were a 1970's teen, at some point you did the hustle. This disco dance was popularized by the movie Saturday Night Fever, with John Travolta. I loved this movie, although it probably was too mature for me at the time. The music and dancing is what made the biggest impression on me. I am pretty sure I still could do the basic hustle moves today. As a teen I even had a book about the dance moves. I practiced this many times in the '70's. Here, for your listening pleasure, is "The…

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