Save 6000 in a year

Discover simple and effective strategies to help you save $6000 in just one year. Start building your savings today and achieve your financial goals.
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Even though money isn’t everything, it does buy you options and freedom in life. We’re not talking about six or seven figures, but even starting with saving $10k in savings. What are the best ways to use $10,000? Down payment ... Read More

Sarah Simon
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Easy to use $6,000 Roth IRA Savings Challenge for 52 weeks- Instant download and printable. This savings tracker that will help you save $6000 in one year! A Roth IRA is an individual retirement account that provides growth and withdrawals in retirement that are tax-free. HOW TO: There is a total of 52 hexagons and each one represents one week of the year. Choose any amount and save it for a particular week. Once you have that amount saved, color it in and watch you reach your goal! US…

Shanice Edmund