Say yes

Embrace new experiences and opportunities in life. Say yes to adventures, challenges, and growth. Discover how saying yes can lead to a fulfilling and exciting journey.
Just say yes and don't think about things so much. The details will work themselves out in time. Connection Design, Summer Quote, Word Up, Say Yes, Wonderful Words, Quotable Quotes, Some Words, Good Thoughts, Pretty Words

saying yes

Do you make choices to avoid bad things, or to move towards good ones? In social psychology terms, are you more sensitive to punishment, or reward? Depending on which tends to influence your decisions, you may be relying one of the following motivational systems... Behavioral Inhibition System (BIS) Behavioral Activation System (BAS) "Avoidance" -- NO "Approach" -- YES Responsive to threats Responsive to opportunities Motivated to avoid punishment Motivated to gain reward BACKGROUND These…

Kilee Nickels