Seattle architecture

Discover the architectural wonders of Seattle and explore its unique designs and structures. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the city's buildings and be inspired by its rich architectural history.
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Seattle Architecture Pioneer Square, originally uploaded by pianowerk. Pioneer Square is Seattle's oldest neighborhood, full of older vintage buildings. There are condo's available in Pioneer Square for as little as $200K, including some lofts. More sophisticated units can be found for $500K. Shop for your groceries at Pike Place Market and enjoy the waterfront and make downtown your playground.

Dot Stilwell
Seattle Art Museum

Within one block downtown are the Pike's Place Market, symphony hall and the art museum. The library is only 2 more blocks away. The city is very walkable (except for the hills). This sculpture is in front of the art museum but owned by the city. This is the grand staircase. This is an installation about motion. This guy believes he's the next Picasso. It's a nice museum.

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Seattle Central Public Library, designed by Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) [Rem Koolhaas/Joshua Prince-Ramus] Seattle, Washington. All rights reserved. No use & distribution without express written permission. Strictly enforced.