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Discover the perfect semi acoustic guitar to enhance your musical skills and create mesmerizing melodies. Find top-rated options that combine the warmth of an acoustic sound with the versatility of an electric guitar.
1980 Yamaha SA2000 guitar owned by Phil Keaggy post Gass Harp. Guitar Collection. | by eric_ernest Electric Guitars, Acoustic, Yamaha Guitar, Yamaha Guitars, Cool Electric Guitars, Custom Guitars, Gibson Guitars, Guitar Reviews, Guitar Collection

This Yamaha SA2000 was owned by Phil Keaggy and used on many albums like, Phlip Side, Town to Town, and Play Thru Me. I traded this guitar BACK to Phil for his ZION Phil Keaggy serial # 0001. Phil is a monster guitar player and a lot of fun live.

Emily Hardesty
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ACOUSTIC-ELECTRIC GUITAR: Kadence ash wood guitar comes from the Acoustica series. Designed in premium rosewood, our semi acoustic-electric guitars are built to have great sound quality, high durability, and increased ease of use for both beginners as well as professionals. The deep pore paint finish, simple head design, streamlined curvature makes the head and the body integrated, beautiful. The rosewood bridge has high hardness, strong vibration conductivity, stable and rich tone…