Senior cat

Give your senior cat the love and care they deserve. Explore expert tips and advice on how to keep your aging feline friend happy and healthy for years to come.
Couple Gave 21 Year Old Super Senior Cat a Chance to Live Out His Best Life, Now a Year Later... - Love Meow Super Senior, So Confused, Cat Birthday Party, Senior Cat, Cat Stories, Cat Tail, Old Cats, Cat Birthday, Animal Stories

An abandoned super senior cat got a second chance at life at the age of 21. A couple found him and gave him a loving home and a wonderful life that he always wanted. Meet Tigger the cat! Photo: Julie Kichline Tigger was adopted at the ripe age of 21. The ginger old boy was abandoned just a f...

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Cats have a unique and amusing personality that makes them one of (if not the) internet's favorite creatures. Their owners often catch these animals doing silly things — like getting stuck in a box that's too small for them — and what's more, they have the facial expressions to make such moments even funnier