Shape and form

Discover the power of shape and form in art and design. Explore inspiring ideas that will help you create visually captivating and meaningful works.
Sliced and Diced Form Drawing - Create Art with ME Art Lesson Plans, Middle School Art, Op Art, Art Lessons, Elements Of Art, Illuminated Manuscript, Shape And Form, Art Practice, Art Basics

Sliced and Diced Form Drawing-Students will draw the 6 Basic 3D forms: Sphere, Cylinder, Donuts, Cone, Pyramid, & Cube/Rectangular Prism. They will learn how to accurately “slice” through the forms to see inside them and render with full shading. They will then create a composition using cuts and slices of the 6 basic shapes.

Optical Illusions, Body Art, Optical Illusions Mind Blown, Optical Illusions Art, Optical Illusion Drawing, Art Optical, Illusions Mind, Practice Drawing Shapes, Shading Techniques “How to Draw Cool Stuff: Basics, Shading, Texture, Pattern and Optical Illusions” is the second book in the How to Draw Cool Stuff series. Inside you will find simple illustrations that cover the necessities of drawing cool stuff. Specific exercises are provided that offer step-by-step guidelines for drawing a variety of subjects. Each lesson starts with an easy-to-draw shape that will become the basic structure of the drawing. From there, each step adds elements to that…

Debbie Natalia