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Maximize the space in your shared closet with these brilliant organization ideas. Create a clutter-free and stylish storage solution for you and your partner.
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I can still hear these words like it was yesterday. Mom yelling….“Michael Anthony Foti, hang up your clothes!” And if your mom was like mine, when she added your middle name (or started counting) you knew your were in big trouble (and to this day, I still can’t figure out why ‘counting’ worked, but I digress).And while I know I caused my parents less gray hair than my older and more mischievous brother Frank, this still didn’t always make me the neatest in cleaning my room. And when I look…

Stephanie Travis
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I have had so many questions about the kids closet, that I figured I should do a post about it. As many of you know my kiddos all share a room, well, the baby is still in my room of course, so I needed some amazing closet storage for their clothing addiction. (Can I get away with saying its their addiction? No?) Thankfully their closet is actually the biggest in the house... yes, this closet is bigger than mine... Anyway, I hopped on Pinterest and I ended up finding a couple different close

Jess Wheeler
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If you’re a regular reader of Organizing Homelife, you may know that I’ve been working with the amazing EasyClosets company to transform the closet in my girls’ room from disorganized and outdated to organized and beautiful. Today I’m going to show you the transformation! This is where we left off yesterday. We took out the […]

Libby Lester