Silver dollar coin

Explore the fascinating world of silver dollar coins and discover valuable additions to your collection. Find out the history, rarity, and beauty of these iconic coins.
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The first silver dollars were struck in 1794.But there is a good chance the silver dollar you have and are curious about is dated from about 1878 through 1935. These silver dollars are called Morgan dollars (also Liberty Head dollars) and Peace dollars.

James H Aldrich
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This 1887 Silver Dollar Coin Ring was handmade from a 90% Silver 1887 US Morgan Dollar Coin, minted in 1887. It’s available in sizes 10-23 including half and quarter sizes upon request. This 3D coin ring reads “ONE DOLLAR”, ”UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” & “IN GOD WE TRUST” on the outside & “E PLURIBUS UNUM” with mint date "1887" (1879 pictured) on the inside. The band width is approximately 10 mm wide. $1 ~~~ Silver Dollar Coin Rings can be found here: 50c ~~ Silver Half…