Get inspired by these captivating skeleton ideas to create spooky and unique Halloween decorations. Find the perfect way to add a touch of fright to your home.
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I brushed up the Sleleton I created earlier. and I sell this data at MARKETPLACE. Model,Sculpt > ZBrush Map Baking > Marmoset Toolbag3 Texture > Substance Painter,Substance Designer Bone.Skinning >Maya Setup > Marmoset ToolBag3

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I have a plastic skeleton in my classroom that has been here for years. Last year, I began moving the skeleton around the room from time to time to have a little fun. It started out on top of a cabinet, relaxed and reading a book. Later I moved it to a plastic bottle cap bin and made it look like it had gotten stuck inside. My students get a big kick out of the skeleton, so this year I decided it needed a Halloween costume. I used some fishing line to rig it so it would hang from the ceiling…