Skylight covering

Enhance your space with beautiful skylight covering options that allow natural light to flood in. Discover top ideas to create a bright and inviting atmosphere in your home.
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The boyfriend has always wanted a skylight. A year and a half ago, a contractor doing work on the bedroom said that with only a day or two of extra work, he could put in a skylight. The boyfriend was psyched--finally, a skylight in his bedroom, just like he's always wanted! We were both really excited at first. The skylight brightens up the room, and we were both enchanted by the idea of looking up and seeing stars at night. After a couple months, however, I came to hate the skylight. I'm a…

April Rooney
Skylight curtain - our bathroom gets plenty of light, but it gets so much sun that the small room seems like an oven at times. I need this curtain! Skylight Curtain, Skylight Window Treatments, Skylight Window Coverings, Diy Skylight, Lantern Roof Light, Skylight Architecture, Mahogany Bedroom Furniture, Skylight Shade, Skylight Covering

I feel a little silly writing this up as a tutorial because I don't know that it will be useful for anyone. BUT, I've convinced myself that there is someone out there with the same problem I have: An awesome skylight in their attic-turned-bedroom that is great for light, but also lets too much sun in during the day which makes it like an oven. Ok, so I know the light coming in through the window isn't the only thing making it warm up there, but it definitely doesn't help. Anyone?! No? Well…

Esther Howard