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If You Ever Feel Sad, These 30 Sleeping Cats Will Make You Smile

Many cat owners are fully aware of just how bizarrely and adorably their pets can sleep. Whether it be in a ball, like a human, or in a strange place, there are always new positions for them to discover, melting our hearts as they do so and always putting us in a better mood.

Sarah Peck
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William Oxer F.R.S.A. - Sleeping Beauty, Painting, Acrylic on Canvas

Acrylic on Canvas framed to Guild of Framers Museum standard :: Painting :: Classical :: This piece comes with an official certificate of authenticity signed by the artist :: Ready to Hang: Yes :: Signed: Yes :: Signature Location: Lower Right :: Canvas :: Portrait :: Original :: Framed: Yes :: Framed size 20.0"h x 16.0"w x 1.0"d

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How to Sleep Better When You’re Dealing with External Distractions

Some of us have to battle an army of external forces just to fall asleep: street noise, roommates, external light. We call these people Sleep Warriors, and sometimes it seems like the world is conspiring against them on their simple quest for eight hours of decent sleep. While these warriors have no control over environmental elements, they can arm themselves with several items within their own bedrooms to help keep out the distractions.


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