Small tins

Discover unique and practical ways to utilize small tins in your daily life. Get inspired by these creative ideas and make the most of your small tins today.
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These are amazing things to do with an Altoids tin! Altoids tin crafts are great for making pocket projects, gifts, and more. It's incredible what you can make with such a simple small little item! These mint tins are wonderful for small gifts, mini activities, memory keeping, mixed media art, and so much more! If you've never crafted with these sweet tins before, get inspired with some of the ideas below. There are beautiful and eclectic ideas you'll love perusing! Start saving those tins…

Ellen Liberto
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Whoooo baby! I am SMITTEN with these. Another project made with the "A Merry Little Christmas Labels" download. Altoid tins jam packed with all sorts of Christmas magic! There's everything in there from jingle bells, to bottled Christmas magic, to lumps of coal! All of the important Christmas bits packaged in a neat littletin. I'm pretty sure these would be perfect for tucking into stockings. While I am 100% a-ok with making do and using ingenious alternatives... there's real holly…