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Equality is humanity's Holy Grail, the cornerstone of most value systems, but we have yet to reap all of its rewards. Sure, our society has definitely evolved for the better during the last, say, 100 years, but a long journey is still ahead, and the vast array of double standards that still divide people in 2017 highlight this perfectly.

Glenn C. Ross
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Going on LinkedIn is very much like going through the looking glass into Bizarre-O Land. It’s a wild ride. Maybe you spot a few genuinely good briefs with some practical advice in your feed, shared by seasoned industry veterans. Then you sidestep a hundred or so people robotically bragging about how they’re so grateful/happy to quit/start a position at their old/new job. At this point, you’re so deep down the rabbit hole that you start noticing the most awful stuff that LinkedIn has to…

Haley Andreoni