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Engage your kindergarten students with fun and educational sorting activities. Explore top ideas to teach sorting skills and promote cognitive development in young learners.
Sorting is a basic skill that all learners should develop, but does back to school have you struggling to create engaging sorting activities? Sorting Activities For Preschool, Math Sort, Prek Math, Activities For Preschool, Early Childhood Classrooms, Math Poster, Pre K Activities, Math Methods, Math Activities Preschool

Sorting by attributes is a big fundamental skills taught in every early childhood classroom. Classifying and sorting is a unit that starts off math instruction for the school year. However, things like classroom management, getting to know your learners and other back to school craziness can take priority during the beginning of the school year.

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One of the Common Core Standards for Kindergarten is to classify objects into categories and count the number of objects in each category. We begin our school year with this standard because it's an easy one that all the students can usually master. We actually begin by introducing our math manipulatives in exploring centers- I get out the different manipulatives and let the kids explore them. I've actually covered that here, if you want to see how I introduce math manipulatives and centers…

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One of the first big math units we teach at the beginning of the year is Sorting. I find that students naturally gravitate to sorting all kinds of things in the classroom on a daily basis anyways! For instance, they sort toys when cleaning up, place crayons by colour in the basket, blocks are sorted by size, etc. Whenever I teach sorting, I like to provide opportunities for students to tell me how they think we can form groups of similar things rather than just give them a sorting rule…

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Sorting is a fun activity to do and a great skill to have when in preschool and kindergarten. A good place to start when beginning to sort is with colors. Colors are everywhere and most likely you have colored objects around your class or house. A fun activity that I found all over Pinterest was a object color sort using objects around your house/classroom! We used our big lego blocks to sort by color. I laid out colored construction paper and we put the blocks on each paper to match the…

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Thanks for joining us! So what is Preschooligans? It’s a one-stop spot for some of our favorite free preschool printables and resources. There are tons of sites on the Internet for preschool learning, and many feature both free and paid resources. But it can sometimes be hard to cull through it all and find what you need when you need it. So, that’s where we come in. Here, our goal is to create a site with links to our favorite free preschool printables, ideas, projects, etc. We will also…

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Apples in bushels and pumpkins in patches, the crunch of the leaves that my little one smashes... these are a few of my favorite FALL things! Nature gives us so many beautiful gifts in fall! I always love going outside and watching my kids as they gather leaves, acorns, flowers, and sticks! I'm amazed how

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