Sound Sculpture

Immerse yourself in the world of sound sculpture with these captivating ideas. Explore innovative designs and create a unique auditory experience in your space.
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I recently made an installation that combined ceramics, performance and sound. I made more than a hundred terra-cotta slabs, painted in a color scheme inspired by the photos I took while traveling…

Vivienne Yankah
Listen to the ambient sounds of local places through the tubes.  It's kind of like an aural camera obscura!  Love. Sound Sculpture, Sound Art, New Media Art, Interactive Art, Instalation Art, Sound Installation, Illustration Photo, Interactive Installation, Sculpture Installation

Dezeen Platform: visitors to Dezeen Space today can listen to the ambient sounds of the local area through a tangle of corrugated plastic tubes, courtesy of Polish studio mode:lina at Dezeen Platform. Watch a movie about this project here. The Audiochmura instalation, which loosely translates as "sonic cloud," will amplify sounds recorded in the streets surrounding Dezeen Space

luo blin

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