Stegosaurus drawing

Get creative with these easy and fun stegosaurus drawing ideas that kids will love. Learn how to draw a stegosaurus step by step and bring these amazing dinosaurs to life on paper.
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Description Sorry to poop out on you guys... the quality on this one is the suck and this is in fact my favorite dino... I like the spikes on its tail and the massive plates on its back... when I was a kid there was a theory that the plates moves up and down like a fan for display purposes and that just fascinated me... I'm not sure what the science says now... I'll have to look that up and I will draw a better version of this eventually... just pooped!!

Michael McCullough
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This drawing tutorial will show you easy, step by step instruction on How to Draw a Stegosaurus. The drawing is perfect for kids and beginners. Find new drawing ideas from Easy Drawing Guides and don't forget to save the pin if you like it. You can find all drawing steps from here:

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