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FHE kindness lesson. Use this talk but flower petals instead of the stop sign object lesson. Fotos, Fhe, Lol, Kinder, Escuela, Family Night, Religion, Family Time, Manualidades

Elder Uchtdorf's talk The merciful obtain mercy in the April 2012 conference is well known. In the June 2013 Friend Magazine there is a two page article based on his talk which you can share and which this lesson is taken from. Opening Song: Kindness begins with me #145 Opening Prayer: Lesson: When we are angry, or jealous, or scared/shy or want something someone else has it can be very easy to be mean. Sometimes we say mean things about people who we actually love, or sometimes we say mean…

Heather Kennedy
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Since I lost my running mojo I have been trying to motivate myself to get it together. The ad above is my favorite Nike ad of all time and I had it up in my bedroom for years I thought I’d repost it because I need to reread it this week. I tweaked my training ... Read More about Motivational Monday–10k plan

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