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Explore the world of street photography and get inspired by the work of talented photographers. Discover their unique perspectives and techniques to elevate your own street photography skills.
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About Pelle Sten Pelle Sten was born in Helsingborg, Sweden, 1974. He is a self-taught photgrapher who started shooting metal and punk bands in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Today he mainly works with street photography. In his street photography works he tries to capture the unreal in reality. The photographs tries to freeze a moment in time. A very subjective moment. The pictures captures people on their way home and on their way away. People in motion. And the people aren’t the only…

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If you are a street photographer novice, don't feel that you have to go out and start by simply shooting people all the time - there are many different creative street photography project ideas that you can try to make your work stand out. Here are ten street photography deas for you to try out toda

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Street photography is a peculiar genre in the ethical questions it carries with it. This thoughtful video essay examines questions that go beyond simply wondering if you should do it at all. Almost every photographer tries street photography at some point. Most do it when they're first starting out, as it offers a veritable plethora of readily interesting subjects and requires

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Street photography is very special in the sense that it highly relies on chance, candidness and big crowds. The bustling stream of chaos in public places provides plenty of that and much more, if you're keen and patient enough to wait. And there are plenty of photographers that wait for the perfect moment to pass them by, like any other passerby.

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