Sweater mittens

Stay warm and fashionable with these cozy sweater mittens. Discover the perfect pair to keep your hands toasty and stylish all winter long.
How to recycle an old wool sweater, and DIY your own mittens. Crafts, Jumpers, Couture, Quilts, Sewing Projects, Quilting, Upcycling, Upcycle Sweater, Sewing Clothes

Goodness, it’s been cold lately! It was -38 yesterday and this morning! I’m not used to it (am I ever used to the cold?) because we’ve had such a mild winter (so mild that I was wearing my raincoat in January, because my cashmere coat was too hot!) But, this past week we got a […]

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Make Mittens from Thrift Store Sweaters with Rocky Mountain Soap : http://thediymommy.com/make-mittens-from-thrift-store-sweaters/?utm_content=buffer6ca45&utm_medium=social&utm_source=pinterest.com&utm_campaign=buffer #partner #DIY Winter, Crochet, Clothes Crafts, Crafts, Diy Clothing, Ray Bans, Diy Thrift Store Crafts, Thrift Store Crafts, Old Sweater Crafts

There’s nothing more meaningful than a handmade Christmas gift, and today’s DIY gift idea is no exception. These handmade mittens are extra special because they’re made in a very unique way – from thrift store sweaters! Read on to learn how to make these adorable, upcycled mittens plus learn my trick that keeps them from...

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