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Do you love your swiffer but hate the cost of the disposable swiffer cloths? It’s a common frustration but there are a few homemade solutions that can come to the rescue. Here are five ways you can make your own homemade swiffer covers, all of which are pretty simple to do. In fact one of...

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Do you own a Swiffer? I love mine, but I have never liked the idea of having to buy the disposable cloths both from a money standpoint and an environmental one. But, what are you going to do? Well, I'll tell you. You can make your own reusable swiffer cloths!

Nancy Batchelor
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As much as I love the disposable Swiffer dusters, I just can't do it anymore--all that trash! I've recently switched to washable microfiber pads for my Swiffer sweeper, and after doing a search for reusable dusters that I could sew, I came across this tutorial at Sew Much Ado. The process is so easy, and I've documented it in photos here, with some variations from the original tutorial. After browsing the limited flannel section at my local quilt shop, I fell in love with this pink bunny…

Emmy Clark