Tam lin

Explore the enchanting story of Tam Lin, a legendary character from Scottish folklore. Learn about his encounters with fairies, his transformative journey, and the captivating love story at the heart of this ancient tale.
Headline: "Article/Lecture: Haunting Scottish Ballads "Empower" Women" (Friday, February 3, 2012) Image credit: Tam Lin by Julia Menshikova ♛ Once Upon A Blog... fairy tale news ♛ Design, Queen, Art, Reading, Animation, Folk Tales, Folk, Artist, Tales

We're speaking specifically about Tam Lin, of course, as well as Tam O'Shanter. I would love to go hear this lecture! Here are some excerpts from the article: An academic is to explore why Scotland's cultural heritage is full of sex and the supernatural. Dr Donna Heddle said she also found "interesting patterns of female empowerment" while researching works for a lecture at Celtic Connections. ... Dr Heddle said: "This lecture is about the shape-shifting supernatural creatures like selkies…

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