Tatting jewelry

Discover a collection of unique and beautiful tatting jewelry ideas. Elevate your style with these intricate and handmade pieces that are sure to make a statement.
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I love shuttle tatting. I actually prefer shuttle tatting to needle tatting. Shuttle tatting is a little harder than tatting with a needle. Since I've already done a needle tatting post I decided to do a post about shuttle tatting for beginners. Tatting is a beautiful old-fashioned art and it has been around for centuries.

Judy W
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I am working on a design that will have a mock ring with a bead in the center. To do this, start tatting a mock ring (it's actually a chain) leaving a large loop at the beginning. When you have tatted enough to fit halfway around your bead, slip the bead onto the loop, put the shuttle through the loop, and tighten. Then tat the rest of the way around the bead, and do a lock join at the beginning. The sample is being worked in my 2nd batch of "Roses" hand dyed thread.

Cristina Jelescu