Teaching character traits 3rd grade

Discover effective teaching strategies and activities to help 3rd graders develop essential character traits. Encourage positive behavior and foster a supportive classroom environment with these top ideas.
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Teach upper elementary students about character traits by having them analyze their characters' feelings, actions, thoughts, and dialogue within the story. This blog post contains everything you need for a complete character traits lesson... for free! The reading passages on the anchor chart, the sentence strip activity, and the interactive notebook foldable are all free!

Jennie O'Brien
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Having the ability to analyze the character traits of characters in a short story or novel is crucial in grasping the underlying message of the author. Simple texts typically explicitly state these traits, labeling a main character as kind or brave, in order to assist the reader. Yet, as students tackle more complex

Suzanne Rollins
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What an inspiring character! A young girl shows you should never give up on your dream. Although there were many roadblocks in her path, with determination, she found her way around everyone to finally achieve her goal. What a great lesson for all of us. And . . . a fantastic book to share with our students as they learn about the characters. The Girl with a Mind for Math tells the story of Raye Montague. Early in her life, her grandfather takes her to see a submarine. She quickly decides an…

Marlene Martin
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Character traits is an important skill to help students understand characters. This post shares strategies and free character trait activities.

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