Tension rod

Discover creative ways to use tension rods in your home. From organizing closets to hanging curtains, explore these ideas to maximize your space and simplify your life.
Unleash your inner MacGuyver! Spring Tension rods are a favorite of renters or those who live in dorms and other spaces where holes in the wall are not permitted. Here are some clever DIY hacks for alternate uses of spring tension rods. Tension Rod Curtains, Magnetic Curtain Rods, Magnetic Curtain, Cute Curtains, Window Casing, Window Curtain Rods, Pergola Lighting, Small Closets, Tension Rod

Ah, the humble tension rod! Less ornate or decorative than other curtain hardware, but a quick, easy alternative, especially for inside mount curtains and shades. Spring tension rods are a good option for hanging lightweight shower curtains, especially if you don’t want to drill into tile. They’r...

Dottie Fisher