Texlaxed hair growth

Discover effective tips and techniques to promote healthy and vibrant texlaxed hair growth. Enhance your hair care routine and achieve the long and luscious hair you've always desired.
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What Is Texlaxing And Is It For You?

We have had a few questions about Texlaxing over the last couple of weeks, many of which surround what it is and whether you should do it. Texlaxing is simply deliberately under processing your natural or relaxed hair, this is different from using a texurizer which in layman terms is pretty much a mild form of a relaxer. Texlaxing is just a method or process you can use when relaxing your hair. If you want to texlax or under process your hair there are three ways to achieve it: 1. Add oil to…

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Six Habits that give Your hair INCHES of growth

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