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Intelligence and common sense are two different things, and unfortunately, it looks like in some of these cases, these people may be lacking a bit of both. We’ve got everything from misunderstanding T-shirts to not understanding the difference between a lion and a panther. We all have mishaps like these sometimes in our lives. We misunderstand a sign, or we see someone making a post that makes us wonder if they are serious. This list will make you laugh, shake your head, and wonder why…

Emma Shapiro
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When we look at a new house we're considering moving in to, we spend hours looking at every tiny little detail, like door angles, light direction and the color of the tiles in the walk-in closet. But one thing many of us overlook can actually end up impacting our life in our new home much more than the height of the electric sockets: neighbors.Some neighbors can be great - they can help you out with things around the house, keep a spare key, and even become friends.But sometimes, even if…