The mother of dragons

Discover the epic journey of the Mother of Dragons and be inspired by her strength, determination, and fierce leadership. Join her quest and embrace your own inner dragon.
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Ingrid Ferreira
Khaleesi Mother Of Dragons, Girl, Women, Model, Khaleesi, Cersei Lannister, Persona, Sao, Khalessi

Three more days until the Game of Thrones season premiere! Will Khaleesi get the crown of the seven kingdoms? Will Arya ever find her family? Will Brienne of Tarth find a little stability, finally? All valid questions. But while we wait in anticipation, let's talk about style—very, very good style, that is. While the show's costumes, hair, and makeup are absolutely incredible, it's hard to imagine what many of the Game of Thrones actors look like in real life. But you'll see below that the…

Cindy Wallick