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Explore the inspiring life and legacy of Tony Hsieh, the visionary entrepreneur who revolutionized the business world. Discover how his innovative ideas and unique approach to leadership can inspire you to achieve greatness in your own endeavors.
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The following 15 super rich & successful billionaires prove to us all that “money doesn’t always change you“. 15 Humble & Grounded Billionaires Ingvar Kamprad, founder of IKEA Ingvar Kamprad’s Net worth: $3 billion The founder of IKEA said he drove 15-year-old Volvo and always flew economy class, according […]

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Tony Hsieh, the former CEO of Zappos and a legendary internet entrepreneur and management thinker, has died at age 46. His passing has inspired an outpouring of affection and remembrances, and there is an understandable rush to evaluate the impact of his leadership. But to do so for Tony requires thinking about him as an artist and not just a long-serving CEO, as someone driven by big ideas, experimentation, and grand passions rather than just business plans and stock-price targets. As with…

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Zappos, the online shoe retailer, is legendary for its employee culture and customer service. Paying employees to quit; offering customers free shipping both ways and a year to make returns; and hiring 24/7 phone reps who are as courteous, kind, and upbeat as Four Seasons concierges are all part of the Zappos formula. When I […]

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